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With creative designs, even ordinary products can be rich in style and taste. CSK World Wide Limited proudly presents Luyesa, a unique collection which presents lifestyle that combines the concept of ART and REALITY with ordinary daily products such as desktop CD racks, photo frames, sculptural book ends, pen holders, memo holders, etc. Another collection from CSK is developed for the younger generations. The goal of this collection enriches living space with colours and inspirations. It presents simple but abstractive concepts with functional gadgets. Products include clip holders, stereo speakers, punching photo frames, baby face stationary sets, etc. Contact CSK for more information.

Address: Rm. 634-36, Willy Comm. Bldg., No. 20-36 Wing Kut Street, Central, HK
Country: Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2543 3463
Fax: +852 2541 5527
Email: johnk@luyesa.com
Website: swiss replica watches
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Major Products: CD Holders
CD Rack
Decoration Product
Desk Top Stationery
Memo Holder
Name Card Holder
Original Design
Original Design - Giftware
Original Design - Houseware
Original Design - Stationery
Supplementary Products:
Major Export Market:
Year of Establishment:
ODM Capability: Yes
Brand Name: Luyesa
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